Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, Way back when, when I started this blog I mentioned that I was hosting a card swap on SCS. Well, here are some of the wonderful cards that were submitted for that swap. I am once again tardy in displaying the results. My friend Meredith (aka Merrymoo2 on SCS) has beat me to posting some of the results. Since she is a *much* better blogger than I am here is a link to the cards she received. This first card was made by Meredith. Here is her description of it. Like I said she is much better at blogging than I am!
This was Meredith's second card. Once again, I'll link you to her description.
This card was made by my friend Heather, aka JustHeather. The template for this funky fold card can be found here.
This card was from Mindee aka Mindo. Mindee, is there a name for this type of card?

This is Mindee's other card and I am sure that there is a name for it, but I haven't a clue as to what it is...The more I see the less I know! *wink*
I have a few more cards to post, but I have to get Ethan from preschool now.
Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

UMMM, Are they supposed to have a name? I am not sure what to call them. I am really no help.

Sara (ChicagoGirl) said...

I am just glad I wasn't offening you by *not* knowing if there was a name to them!