Monday, September 29, 2008

What a morning!

Well, I dropped Ethan off at preschool and seriously thought about not doing Wii Fit this morning so I could catch up with everything. In the end my *cough* dedication *cough* to exercise won out. I was going to put Seth down but he was playing nice by me. (Not to mention helping me work harder by jumping on my back for the push ups/plank exercises and jumping on my stomach for the sit up type things (what do they call them? )Well, obviously messing with my scores got boring to him so he went upstairs. I only had 2 more exercises so I kept going. Ok, here was one of the fatal flaws of my morning- When you hear what you *think* are crashes coming out of the pantry, DO NOT call the child to you- RUN upstairs and spy on him (her). So Seth comes downstairs in his socks which I notice are wet. Wet from what you ask? Well, let me tell you....Raw EGGS! Blech. So, yeah he had just walked down my freshly cleaned stairs in socks (and shirt & bottoms) covered in raw eggs. You see where this is leading right? Well, I stripped him and carried him to the kitchen thinking I would just hose him off in the sink and then tackle the mess. Well, When I got to the kitchen the fridge was still open and it was mostly emptied on the floor. Yep I had 18 scrambled eggs, 2 packages of bacon, jelly, miracle whip, ketchup, mustard, 4 smirnoffs (thankfully they didn't break), 2 beef sausages, 3 packages of cheese, a box of juice boxes.....I forgot the rest but I think you get my point. I made him sit in the kitchen sink while I cleaned up the nasty floor.

*Here is a helpful hint: When you child breaks several eggs on you stupid grooved hardwood floors( so not a fan of the grooved hadwood floors. Whoever came up with that idea hated his mom!-just ssaying) -scoop the majority of the egg up with your hands. I tried the towels last time, but really, just use your hands to get most of the slime up. It took my 90 minutes to clean it all up.

Where are the pictures you ask. Well, I did hear my friend Spicy before I started cleaning, but alas since I signed up to be the scrapbook parent again for Ethan's class and I have not gotten any pictures yet and it is the last day they meet in September, the camera was with him.

One last word of advice. When you realize that a fridge lock is needed in your house- Make SURE it actually gets locked when the door gets closed!

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