Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The reason there will be no stamping today...

My Stamping spot has never looked so bare! Don't my punches look sad all by themselves? Where is everything you ask? Just look below to find out.

My mess, I mean my stamping treasures, along with all the play room stuff has been moved into the family room area to clear the path for the carpet cleaners. By the way they should have been here 20 minutes ago, should I be scared that they are not going to show?
I love the picture above because you can play, 'Where are the boys?'. *wink*
This is just a good picture of all the stamp stuff I have. Clay decided a cabinet wouldn't hold it all because it has definitely grown since we moved 2 years ago. (Well, of course it has I've become a Demo since then!) Hopefully my stuff will find its way home tonight and I can get started on my swaps for Saturday.

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