Monday, July 6, 2009

Shoebox Swap By Mail...part 3...the final installment. :D

This little golfer is very cute, isn't he? Unfortunately none of the Father's in my life (meaning Clay, my Dad or Father-in-law) golf. I think I need to change out the Father's Day and put Happy Birthday and give ti to my Uncle. ;)

Here is my interpretation of Jodi's tiny box card. She made me so crazy with that stinkin' tiny box that my picture is crooked! After messing with it and even going so far as to put tiny green micro beads in it (see Below) I took it off and 'unboxed' the box.
As you can see from this picture I had a horrible time putting the box I was making it I realized why Megan was cursing Jodi when we were making our swaps together. ;)

*Smooches Jodi! Thanks for hosting!

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zekesmom10 said...

:P If I had feelers, they would be hurt right now.