Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sarah's Photo Challenge

So I was just reading my friend Sarah's blog and she is doing a photo challenge her friend gave her. You go to where you store you photo files and go to your 6th folder and pick the 6th picture...Personally I would have picked the 7th folder and picture, but it's not my challenge. *wink.
Since Sarah seems to hate tagging people and leaves an open tag
I decided to see what picture it would be.

This is it. Maggie, Clay and Flat Stanley. (I think it was my nephew Sam's Flat Stanely, but since we have had a few visits with various Flat Stanelys I am not completely sure whose it was). We were visiting the trains at Travel Town.
Since I wasn't officially tagged, I will tag Sarah style. If you feel like participating please leave a note in my coments so I can be sure to check it out. (Heather aka Just Heather you can consider yourself tagged so you can dust off you poor blog! *smooches* )

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Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Thanks for playing! :)

It's not so much that I *hate* tagging people, it's more that I hate going through the time and effort of linking up however many people and then going to their blogs to tell them I did it, only to have only one play along.

So maybe I do hate tagging. :) lol.

Cute ice skating video, too!